W H A T   W E   B E L I E V E

We believe every woman is equal parts beautiful and capable and that her wardrobe should be too. 

We believe you don’t have to be wearing a pair of yoga pants to accomplish all you have to do each day simply and comfortably.     

We believe in the power of a good dress – one that flatters you, feels effortless, gets you through your day with ease and a little grace. The one that makes you feel like the beautiful, strong, clever woman you are. 


H O W   W E   S T A R T E D

The simplicity and sheer utility of a uniform has always appealed to me.  Something built to function for the task at hand – to get the job done with ease.  I also love dresses.  The way they look, the way they feel – the way they make me look and feel. 

And I am a bit of a pear-shape.  Yoga pants and skinny jeans have never been kind to me, but as I became a mother and transitioned from the corporate world to running a small business from home, they unwittingly became my uniform.  I began to feel like the mom in the mom jeans.  I had completely lost any edge or hint of femininity from my daily wardrobe as life got busy and a little messier. 

So I did a 180 and pulled out my beach coverups from my Charleston days and started wearing them around the house to work in, keep the house in order, lounge or sleep in.  I felt free and comfortable and pretty.  They weren’t precious and I could get them dirty and it was fine.  They were just as utilitarian as stretch pants, but I felt pretty and feminine in them.  I could have just lived my whole life in them.  The problem was when I had to get the mail or drop off my daughter at school - really anything where non-immediate family was present.  You could see right through most of them and bra-less is no longer an option for me.  Having to put on a strapless bra and slip to be able to be seen in public in my new easy-breezy splendor completely defeated the point.

I wanted a dress to wear every day that was so comfortable that I could sleep in it and then be able to roll out of bed at 5:00 am to take the dog for a walk and not have to think about a bra and still feel like I was looking good.

So, I set out to bring back the dress as a hardworking part of any woman’s daily wardrobe and to develop a modern-day housedress. One that was comfortable and pretty, that you could do all the things you have to and want to do in, with a built-in bra and big pockets, one that you could throw in the laundry and that wasn’t too short so you could bend over, one without any zippers to zip.  A dress to live in.  So that is just what we have developed with T O D U dresses.  We hope you embrace this alternative to the ordinary and that our housedresses bring a little more simplicity and beauty to your days.

For everything you do - G E T   D R E S S E D.