Femininty + Functionality

We all love a good dress.  The one that flatters you, feels effortless, gets your through your day with ease and a little grace.  The one that you could just as easily grab lunch in as fall asleep in or wipe a little nose with or walk the dog in.

We set out to simplify a woman’s day in the most lovely way possible - with dresses that have all the functional bells and whistles any modern gal would need all while being feminine, free-spirited and just plain pretty.

For everything you do  -  G E T   D R E S S E D.


  • B U I L T - I N   B R A L E T T E

Put those girls in their rightful place with a supportive and comfortable built-in bralette with moisture wicking fabric panels and modern and feminine details.


  • D E E P   P O C K E T S

Huge deep pockets big enough for your phone, keys, dog bags, sunglasses and then some.


  • T O T A L L Y   W A S H A B L E

Just ball it up and throw it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry.


  • E A S Y   O N   A N D   O F F

No wires, zippers or buttons to fuss with or irritate.


  • S U P E R   S O F T   F A B R I C S

Made of light-weight cottons and moisture wicking stretch, they are meant to feel as luxurious as your favorite sheets.


  • A   G O O D   L E N G T H

Long enough and lined to keep you covered even when you touch your toes.


  • Q U A L I T Y   C O N S T R U C T I O N

Durable and well-made by hand in America.